There will be a special celestial event visible from western North America and Hawaii in the pre-dawn sky on Wednesday, January 31 (that is, the night of Tuesday, January 30): a total lunar eclipse (when the Moon goes into Earth's shadow) that is also a "blue moon" (the second full moon in a single calendar month) and also a "supermoon" (when the full moon is close to Earth in its elliptical orbit). This will be a "super blue blood moon"!

Here are the relevant times in California

Given student enthusiasm for the lead roles, we are expanding to two casts, and will have two evening performances, one on Tuesday, Feb 13 and one on Thursday, Feb 15. The cast for each performance will be posted later this week. Please note that the actual cast for any performance may change at any time due to circumstances beyond our control.

The Gryphon basketball family is excited to share the fundamentals of team basketball on their home court at Callinan Sports Center. It is a supportive, fun environment in which youth aged 9-13 are encouraged to meet challenges, gain skills and make friends. The camp instructors will be varsity boy and girl athletes. The camp is suitable for all skill levels. 

Time: 3-6pm
Cost: $20 per child

5405 Snyder Lane
Rohnert Park

Dear Sixth Grade Parents

Our very exciting and highly entertaining fundraising auction event is coming up on March 24th. I hope to see you there. Each year the Ed Foundation asks that each class build/make/create an item that can be auctioned off at the event. These items are a highlight of the auction and the auction attendees enjoy seeing and bidding on the items that each class submits.

I would like you to respond in the comments below with your ideas of what we can create. I am also looking for a leader for this project as well as support persons. A few things to keep in mind: project due March 2nd, only $50 our class can be reimbursed by the school for materials( the rest is on us to find, cover the cost, or find donations), item is to be made of natural materials, and some level of participation by the 6th grade students is strongly encouraged.

We are able to be as creative as we would like to be, however here are some suggestions from the Education Foundation letter on the topic:

The students are working hard on their business projects. More businesses launched last week to surprisingly strong customer response and solid sales. We are now on a roll with new businesses launching each day. Many projects involve selling treats and drinks before school, during morning and lunch breaks, and after school. Here are the rules for selling food during the sixth grade business math block: