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May Day/Grandparents Day Celebration 五月 4, 2017 »
Greek Pentathlon Games 五月 12, 2017 »
Jug Handle Field Trip 五月 30, 2017 to 六月 1, 2017 »

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Photos for the 2017 Bodega Bay Wooden Boat Challenge have been released.
Plenty of great shots of our students.

Many more volunteers are needed for both the Greek Pentathlon and Jug Handle field trips. Both are sure to be fun, so if you ever wanted to participate, now is the time. We also need parent support for the May Day Celebration on May 4. Each class is responsible for certain parts of this festival. Please use the following links to sign up, or contact Linda or Marias.

Following the botany block, we begin a ve week block on Ancient Greece. This will be a busy time, as it includes two important eld trips (Greek Games and Jug Handle Farm), as well as our class play, The Trojan War. Last—and very much least—there will be a disruptive round of standardized testing.

This week we begin a short, 2-week block on flowering plants. We’ll study the amazing variety and adaptability of these plants, as well as their critical role in supporting life on earth. We’ll spend time in the garden, and if weather permits do plenty of planting. You can learn more about this block and download related resources here.

Dear Fifth Grade Sailors and Landlubbers,

Our intrepid boat building teams remain undismayed by predictions of light rain on Saturday morning. On the other hand, considering that preparation is nine-tenths of the battle, they seek several portable canopies for use during the boat building contest

If you have such a canopy, and would be willing to loan it to our mighty mariners, please contact me, or any of the team members.

Wishing our Winter Soldiers many hearty adventures, I remain most dutifully yours,
Cap'n Ron