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Greek Games Pentathlon

Type: Field Trip
Date: Friday, May 12, 2017
Current drivers license, Proof of auto insurance


What: 5th Grade Greek Games Pentathlon Competition

Where: Summerfield Waldorf School (655 Willowside Road, Santa Rosa)

When: Friday, May 12 8:00am- 3:15pm

Dear Parents,

As part of their study of ancient Greece in 5th grade, this year your children will compete in an authentic Greek Pentathlon along with children from other area schools. The Greek Games includes: Opening ceremony with Olympic torch lighting, 5 main athletic events; running, discus, javelin, long jump, Greek wrestling, and a final closing ceremony where medals are awarded.

This is a great day for our students to demonstrate their grace, beauty, and form they have been practicing all year. Winners in each event will be awarded colored ribbons to wear on their wrists. At the closing ceremony, children will be asked to reflect on a moment of grace and beauty and will be awarded a medal for it.

Please have them prepared with:

  • White shorts and running shoes. They will receive a white t-shirt to wear at the event. We will provide a colored sash to wear (which represents their city state team – assignments given morning of event.)

  • Pack lunch, snacks, water, hat, sunscreen.

We will need to arrive to Summerfield by 8am (meet at Woodland Star at 7am). Drivers will be given directions. Please do not park in the main Summerfield lot – will we park near the softball field. Summerfield is a no-cell phone campus, and please no dogs. We will need 6 parent helpers to act as judges/shepherds for the event. Parent meeting is at 8:15am sharp! We will leave Summerfield after 3:30pm, so estimated time for arrival to Woodland Star is 4:15pm.  

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Ana Sanchez Driver/Chaperone
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Jessica Strachan 
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Kainoa Yap Driver/Chaperone, Other
I'd like more info on the role of "participant", " event support", and "judge" for this event. I may be interested in filling one of those positions as well as driver/chaperone.
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Rachel Freed Driver/Chaperone
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Ron Liskey Teacher
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