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Greek Pentathlon Games

Type: Field Trip
Date: Friday, May 12, 2017
Valid Livescan, Current drivers license, Proof of auto insurance


As part of our study of ancient Greece, students will compete in the Greek Pentathlon Games along with students from other local schools. This is the day students demonstrate the grace, beauty, and form they have been practicing all year. At the closing ceremony, students will be asked to reflect on a moment of grace and beauty, and will be awarded a matching medal. 

  • What: 5th Grade Greek Pentathlon Games
  • Where: Summerfield Waldorf School, 655 Willowside Road, Santa Rosa, CA
  • When: Friday, May 12 8:00 AM- 3:15 PM
  • Web: swspentathlon.org

The Greek Games include:

  • Opening Ceremony and Olympic torch lighting
  • Five athletic events: running, discus, javelin, long jump, Greek wrestling
  • Closing Ceremony and awards

Please have students prepared with:

  • White shorts and running shoes. [They will receive a white T-shirt to wear at the event. We will provide a colored sash to wear (which represents their city state team – assignments given morning of event.)

  • Lunch, snacks, water, hat, and sun screen.


Meet at Woodland Star at 6:45 AM. We must leave by 7 AM to arrive at Summerfield by 8 AM. 

We will need six parents to act as judges/shepherds for the event.

The parent meeting is scheduled for 8:15 AM at Summerfield.

At the coclusion of the event, we will leave Summerfield around 3:30 PM. Our estimated time of arrival at Woodland Star School is 4:15 PM.

Note: Summerfield is a no cell phone use and no dog campus! 

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