Ron Liskey, Class Teacher

Ron has taught for almost two decades as a main class teacher and specialty teacher in a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, science, woodworking, German, art, classical vookbinding and history. In addition he taught specialized main lesson blocks for other teachers in organic chemistry, algebra and history. He graduated his first eighth grade class in 2006 from River Oak Charter School, in Napa, CA.

Ron earned a degree in Graphic Arts from SRJC, and a degree in History from Sonoma State University. He also earned Single Subject and Multiple Subject Teaching Credentials with CLAD, as well as a Waldorf Certificate from the Center for Educational Renewal. Before becoming a teacher, Ron worked as a bicycle messenger, migrant farm worker, lumber yard foreman, fisherman, auto mechanic, jet mechanic, machine mechanic, furniture mover, cabinet maker, winery worker, bookbinder, teacher's aide, graphic artist, desktop publisher, Internet application developer, staging and events manager, website developer, window cleaner and oyster farmer.

He has traveled widely, living for many years in Europe, where he became fluent in German. He is the father of two Waldorf graduates.

Tina Tean, Assistant Teacher

Tina Tian, Assistant Teacher

Tina brings a wealth of talent and experience to our class. She grew up in China, is bi-lingual, and has traveled widely. Tina studied Radio Technology before becoming the financial manager for her family’s business. 

KD Coombs, Guest Lecturer

KD Coombs

Ancient India Block
Woodland Star 5th Grade, 2016
Yoga, Dance & Story

K.D. is a performing artist, yoga teacher and parent at Woodland Star School.

KD is a certified advanced Raja Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist (RYT 500). She was raised in a Bhakti Yoga ashram in Canada, benefiting from immersion training in India culture, dance and ceremony.

KD teaches yoga locally in Sonoma and performs Kirtan Temple Dance in many Bay Area Kirtans (live mantra music) in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Her performing and teaching are influenced by her training expressive dance pioneers, Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin (in Marin).

KD has used Yoga as a moving art medium for story-telling and community performance collaborations with influence from the story-telling classical dance traditions of India.  

She hosts yoga journeys to India and lead conservation efforts surrounding the Yamuna River, Vrindavan. She has been published in San Francisco Common Ground Magazine and is a writer and creative contributor for Mandala Publishing, co-author of ‘Practical Yoga’, producer of ‘Kirtan Kit’ and editorial contributor for ‘Beauty, Power & Grace: The Many Faces of the Goddess’ published by Mandala Publishing.

KD’s dance and performance background lead her to clothing design. She designs in Vrindavan, India. She works with craftsman tailors, using hand-loomed and hand-crafted garments.

Since KD is bringing clothing out of the village, she personally gifts saris and warm shawls to the widows and pilgrims of that sacred place. KD recognizes that one garment to a person in need, can make a real difference.

KD is the mother of two Woodland Star students.