In the spiral of the nautilus shell, the veins of a leaf, the bonds of atoms--everywhere he looks, Schneider finds geometrical patterns. Such patterns have long attracted the attention of probing minds, including Pythagoras, Plato, the Psalmist, Demetrius, Plotinus, Liebniz and Einstein. The author weaves insights from these thinkers and many others into a richly illustrated tapestry of reflections. Once initiated into the ancient mysteries, the reader discovers possibly profound meaning--not merely pragmatic utility--in squares, triangles, and other universal shapes.

Not every pattern identified in the book seems mathematically meaningful, but who knows? Why not keep and open mind and explore the possibilities. No mathematical expertise is needed to appreciate this book. That is both its weakness and appeal.

A Mathematician's Lament (also known as Lockhart's Lament) is a short book on the pedagogics and philosophy of mathematics by Paul Lockhart, a research mathematician and math teacher.

Since its original landmark publication in 1980, A People’s History of the United States has been chronicling American history from the point of view of the extraordinary people who created these United States rather than the ordinary politicians who typically seek to take the credit.

David Hume was a Scottish philosopher, historian, economist, and essayist, who is best known for his system of radical philosophical empiricism, skepticism, and naturalism.

The Greek word skepsis means investigation. By calling themselves skeptics, the ancient skeptics thus describe themselves as investigators. They also call themselves ‘those who suspend’, thereby signaling that their investigations lead them to suspension of judgment. They do not put forward theories, and they do not deny that knowledge can be found. At its core, ancient skepticism is a way of life devoted to inquiry. It is as much concerned with belief as with knowledge. As long as knowledge has not been attained, the skeptics aim not to affirm anything.

The ideas underlying the Norse Myths are a major theme of fourth grade.  During our Norse Myths block, I will be retelling tales from this book. This year's class play will also be based on these tales.

David Zinn has been creating original artwork in and around Ann Arbor since 1987, serving all manner of commercial clients from small shops to major municipalities while simultaneously sneaking “pointless” art into the world at large.

More than just a cookbook, Decolonize Your Diet redefines what is meant by “traditional” Mexican food by reaching back through hundreds of years of history to reclaim heritage crops as a source of protection from modern diseases of development.

Education and Its Discontents: Teaching, the Humanities, and the Importance of a Liberal Education in the Age of Mass Information, by Mark Moss, is an exploration of how the traditional educational environment, particularly in the post-secondary world, is changing as a consequence of the influx of new technology.

Essays is the title given to a collection of 107 essays written by Michel de Montaigne that was first published in 1580. Montaigne essentially invented the literary form of essay, a short subjective treatment of a given topic, of which the book contains a large number. Essai is French for "trial" or "attempt".

- Wikipedia

Spinoza holds that everything that exists is part of nature, and everything in nature follows the same basic laws. In this perspective, human beings are part of nature, and hence they can be explained and understood in the same way as everything else in nature.

This book is a collection of talks Ajahn Chah gave to the monastic communities in Thailand. They are exhortations given to the communities of bhikkhus, or Buddhist monks, at his own monastery, Wat Ba Pong, and some of its branches. These talks are not intended to, and indeed cannot, serve as an introduction to Buddhism and meditation practice. They are monastic teachings, addressed primarily to the lifestyle and problems particular to that situation. A knowledge of the basics of Buddhism on the part of the listener was assumed.

Venerable Ajahn Chah was a master at using the apt and unusual simile to explain points of Dhamma. Sometimes he would make an abstract point clear with a vivid and simple image; sometimes he'd tease out the implications of an image in a way that suggested many layers of meaning, offering food for continued thought. In other words, some of his similes provided answers, whereas others provoked questions.

This book should probably have been called, "Lies In My Textbook", but although more accurate that's not as catchy. In any case, this book provides a detailed critique of twelve leading high school U.S. history textbooks. In addition to documenting the inaccuracies and omissions, Loewen provides some of the missing history.

Momo, also known as The Grey Gentlemen or The Men in Grey, is a fantasy novel by Michael Ende, published in 1973. It is about the concept of time and how it is used by humans in modern societies.

No Contest, which has been stirring up controversy since its publication in 1986, stands as the definitive critique of competition. Drawing from hundreds of studies, Alfie Kohn eloquently argues that our struggle to defeat each other—at work, at school, at play, and at home—turns all of us into losers.

Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Portuguese: Pedagogia do Oprimido), written by educator Paulo Freire, proposes a pedagogy with a new relationship between teacher, student, and society. It was first published in Portuguese in 1968, and was translated by Myra Ramos into English and published in 1970. The book is considered one of the foundational texts of critical pedagogy.

Quality books published by Viggo Mortensen.

Our basic strategy for raising children, teaching students, and managing workers can be summarized in six words: Do this and you’ll get that. We dangle goodies (from candy bars to sales commissions) in front of people in much the same way that we train the family pet.

Rachel Carson (1907-1964), “Voice for the Earth,” was an author and scientist whose courage, selfless spirit, and sense of wonder inspired the modern environmental movement.

Today, in our schools, the manual trades are given little honor. The egalitarian worry that has always attended tracking students into “college prep” and “vocational ed” is overlaid with another: the fear that acquiring a specific skill set means that one’s life is determined. In college, by contrast, many students don’t learn anything of particular application; college is the ticket to an open future.

Sing Me the Creation is an inspirational book of creative writing exercises for poets, writers, teachers, and for all who wish to develop their imagination. Paul Mathews gives us permission to indulge our fantasy, and then, when that life is flowing, provides the tools to craft it into art.

Donalyn Miller, teacher-consultant with the North Star of Texas Writing Project, and author of The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child, teaches her students to love reading—and they read 50 to 60 books a year.

Craftsmanship, says Richard Sennett, is the basic human impulse to do a job well for its own sake, and good craftsmanship involves developing skills and focusing on the work rather than ourselves. The computer programmer, the doctor, the artist, and even the parent and citizen all engage in a craftsman’s work.

A collection of essays by Arne Naess, one of the founders of Deep Ecology. Drawing inspiration from many sources, including Ghandi and Spinoza, Naess encourages us to look beyond the surface and to explore our connections with each other and our planet. For Naess a wider acceptance of the idea of interbeing is an absolute necessity if we as a species are to survive.

example roman lettersWelcome to Kellscraft Studio's Web Text-ures: Public Domain Books On-Line. All of the books listed here are out-of-print, public domain books. The focus is on books published prior to 1923 in the U.S. and many have wonderful illustrations. Many of these illustrators are not popularly known, but still deserve recognition and credit for the works presented in many of the books listed here.

This list is generated from 107 "best of" book lists from a variety of great sources. An algorithm is used to create a master list based on how many lists a particular book appears on. Some lists count more than others. I generally trust "best of all time" lists voted by authors and experts over user-generated lists. On the lists that are actually ranked, the book that is 1st counts a lot more than the book that's 100th.

Since 1943, the wise little boy from Asteroid B-612 has led children and their adults to deeper understandings of love, friendship, and responsibility. The Little Prince is a cherished story, read by millions of people in more than a hundred languages. This title has been selected as a Common Core Text Exemplar (Grades 4-5, Stories).

Thinking Mathematically explores the wondrous thought processes of real mathematical thinking, not the rote memorization of dead arithmetic algorithms that are so typically foisted upon the open minds students in typical mediocre schools, such as those captivated and dominated by textbook-publishing-corporate-entities. This excellent book demonstrates how to discover, develop, encourage, and foster the t

The years from ten to fourteen are undeniably trying and turbulent for parents and children alike. Adolescents develop rapidly, and often find themselves uncomfortable with who they are and what they’re feeling. Parents often don’t know what to expect from an adolescent who is at one moment hostile and glum and the next carefree and happy.