Emergency Services

Legal Services

  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Sonoma County 707-765-5005
    Referrals to local agencies for those who feel their civil rights have been violated; if appropriate, the ACLU will get involved in the suit; no fee for services.
  • California Rural Legal Assistance 707-528-9941
    Programs and legal services for farm workers and rural poor; includes indigenous farm worker project, fair housing project, and agricultural worker health project.
  • Sonoma County Legal Aid 707-542-1290
    Services for low-income clients include legal support for: eviction defense, custody, divorce, paternity, visitation, child and spousal support; Self-Help Legal Center and Community Education Workshops are open to all; referrals to volunteer attorneys; $10 fee for services.
  • Sonoma County Legal Services Foundation 707-546-2924
    Provides sliding scale legal services to people with modest means, including supervised visitations; conducts domestic violence services, youth and public legal education programs.
  • Sonoma County Victims’ Assistance Center 707-565-8250
    Advocacy for crime victims and their family members; works with the State Victims Compensation & Government Claims Board (800-777-9229) to provide reimbursement for medical treatment, mental health therapy, loss of wages, or funeral & burial expenses for crime victims and their family members.
  • Sonoma County Bar Association Referral Service 707-546-5297 ext. 12
    If you need to talk to an attorney right away, for $35 you can meet with one for a ½ hour consultation, during which you can interview them for representation, ask questions and go over prepared paperwork.
  • Sonoma County Family Law Facilitator 707-521-6545
    Services for low-income clients include legal support for: Cases involving the Department of Child Support, paternity or parentage, dissolution of marriage or legal separation, custody and visitation, adoptions.
  • Family Justice Center 707-565-8255
  • Disability Services and Legal Center 707-528-2745
    A non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives and advancing the rights of people with disabilities in Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties in California. Most legal services are free.
  • California Human Development Corporation 707-523-1155
  • Farm workers’ assistance with housing, immigration and citizenship, parenting, employment and training; disability and emergency services, energy cost assistance, family education and court-diversion programs.

Youth and Family Services

  • YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association) 707-303-8400
    Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services Program provides advocacy, legal services, and help with temporary restraining orders for those experiencing domestic violence and/or sexual assault.
  • Project Intercept 707-523-2242
    A pre-filing criminal diversion program designed for first time, misdemeanor offenses.
  • Restorative Resources 707-542-4244
    A non-profit committed to restorative conferencing for youth and adults who have committed a crime, family conferencing for child welfare, conflict transformation; public education and trainings.
  • Sonoma County Child Protective Services 800 870 7064 or 707 5654304
    Report child abuse.
  • Sonoma County Department of Child Support Services 1-866-901-3212
    Provides child support assistance.
  • Vineyard Workers Services 707-938-5131 ext 102
    Runs a Farm Workers Resource Center, holds ESL classes; assistance with housing, health care, employment and training; legal advice, translation, immigration information, computers/communication; Maintains an abundant online resource guide for farm workers.

Xenophobia Resistance Services

Natural Disaster Services