Request your ideas and input on the 6th grade auction item to be created and donated by March 2nd

  • Posted on: 14 January 2018
  • By: Ron Liskey

Dear Sixth Grade Parents

Our very exciting and highly entertaining fundraising auction event is coming up on March 24th. I hope to see you there. Each year the Ed Foundation asks that each class build/make/create an item that can be auctioned off at the event. These items are a highlight of the auction and the auction attendees enjoy seeing and bidding on the items that each class submits.

I would like you to respond in the comments below with your ideas of what we can create. I am also looking for a leader for this project as well as support persons. A few things to keep in mind: project due March 2nd, only $50 our class can be reimbursed by the school for materials( the rest is on us to find, cover the cost, or find donations), item is to be made of natural materials, and some level of participation by the 6th grade students is strongly encouraged.

We are able to be as creative as we would like to be, however here are some suggestions from the Education Foundation letter on the topic:

  • Create a Class Cookbook – Ask each child for their favorite recipe and create a book.
  • Collage done with individual drawings or paintings, framed of decoupage onto a larger item.
  • Garden Stepping Stones
  • Garden Benches or Tables
  • Decorated Boxes filled with treats and/or trinkets
  • Framed Felted Picture
  • Alphabet Posters – Explore around the school or outdoors and find things that resemble the alphabet.  Photograph the items and arrange them into a poster.
  • Wooden Bird/Bat House decorated with the children’s thumbprints.  Possibly include a birding guide & bird seeds.
  • Painted Mailboxes or Patio Umbrellas
  • Mosaic Top Table or Mosaic Framed Mirror
  • Wooden Furniture (Bench, Table, Bookcase, Toy Box, etc…) decorated with artwork or poems or sayings by the class.
  • Quilts – Each child designs a square for a grade quilt.  Parents and/or teachers will need to assemble the quilt for lower grades. 
  • Note: For the past two years Mr. Liskey's class has donated a handmade chicken coop. 

.Thank you very much parents for reading and responding to this call to action! We are so lucky to have you working to benefit our school community. We could not do such great things without you.