Class News

  • Posted on: 13 November 2017
  • By: Ron Liskey

Weekly Packet: I had planned to send home a weekly packet today, but didn't have time to put them together before school ended today. I'll try to send the packet home tomorrow instead. 

Math Homework: Students received a math packet today, which we will work through over the next week or so. Their math homework is to complete page 17 in this packet. This is due on Wednesday, Nov 15. 

List of Assignments: Please see the list of assignments here:

Back to the Future: Well, I tried... Over the summer, I switched our class website to a simpler system that I hoped would save me time. The good news is that I learned about static website generation programming in Go, a hip new programming language with a strong future, and had a good time with it all. The bad news is that it didn't turn out to be a time saver. Therefore, I'm switching back to our good old tried and true class website: