Mid-Summer Update

  • Posted on: 28 July 2017
  • By: Ron Liskey

Dear Sixth Grade Families,

Please excuse the mid-summer interruption. Exciting things are happening and there’s news to report

Welcome Tina Tian

Please join me in welcoming Jack’s mother, Tina as our Sixth Grade Teacher Assistant. Tina volunteered in our class through much of the fifth grade year, and is very familiar with our students and classroom routines. She is smart, creative, proactive, a bundle of energy, and very quick to see a need and lend a hand.

Over the summer, she has been steadily working with me to set up the new classroom and develop our sixth grade lessons. Tina brings a wealth of talent and experience. She grew up in China, is bi-lingual, and has traveled widely.

Tina studied Radio Technology before becoming the financial manager for her family’s business. She is considering becoming a California credentialed teacher.

Solar Eclipse, August 21

Our area will soon experience a close-to-complete solar eclipse. A few families have gathered a stash of protective glasses and are planning to meet on the morning of August 21 to view the eclipse—perhaps at Maxwell Park. More information on this event should be coming soon.

Class of 2020 Goes Static

Recent changes have impacted my available time. In response, I’m cutting back on side projects and streamlining work processes. The class website is one casualty of this effort. I’ve switched to using a static website generator, which enables me to concentrate on more important things.

If this transition is successful, I hope to have more time for the good stuff—travel, research, explorations, experiments, guitar pickin’ and teaching.

The new website will not have as many features as the old one, but a log analysis shows that very few people used the more complex features, such as secure access to online grade reports. At the same time, there are other ways to distribute that information.

To see the new website, take a gander at: http://ronliskey.com

Sixth Grade Block Schedule

Our sixth grade block rotation is more or less set. We will begin with a block on Mineralogy, which works well with our Mt Lassen field trip. The complete list of blocks is at http://ronliskey.com/mlb/.

Mt Lassen Field Trip, Sept 5 - 8

Plans are coming together fast for our first big sixth grade field trip. Already in the third week of school, we are off to Mt Lassen for three nights of quality camping and exploring.

We will camp at Butte Lake, on the east side of the park—a less section of the park that is in easy walking distance of the Cinder Cone.

Below are links to current information about this trip. I’ll add more details over time.

More Chaperones Needed Mt Lassen Trip

We currently have 4 confirmed parent chaperones, and 2 more considering. We need a minimum of 6 chaperones for this trip, and can make room for more if there is interest. Please contact me if you’d like to join us.

Important Dates

  • Saturday, August 19: All School Campus Work Day. Come to the classroom to help with set up.
  • Tuesday, August 22: First day of school. Remember: Short days all week!
  • Thursday, August 24, 6:00 pm: Mt Lassen Chaperone Meeting
  • Monday, September 4: School Holiday
  • Tuesday, September 5-8: Mt Lassen Field Trip
  • Thursday, September 28, 6:00 pm: First Sixth Grade Parent Meeting
  • Thursday, September 21: Back to School Night
  • Friday, September 29: All School Assembly

The complete class calendar is available here:

That’s it for now! I’ll try not to bombard you with email while we’re still in summer-mode. Watch the new website for updates.

Have a great rest of your summer! I’ll see you soon,