UC Davis Field Trip Cancelled (except ELD students)

  • Posted on: 5 June 2017
  • By: Ron Liskey

Dear Families,

Due to a shortage of chaperones, the fifth grade class will not go to UC Davis this Wednesday.

The ELD students are still going because arrangements for them were made long before.

If you were looking forward to this trip, don't worry. I still feel strongly that visiting universities is a valuable experience for people of any age. I hope to have at least one field trip to a nearby campus each year from now on. Next year's theme is the Roman Empire and the European Middle Ages. I'll be watching for relevant events at nearby colleges that match these themes and that are appropriate for sixth graders. If you learn of any interesting events, please let me know.

I'm sorry for the last minute rush and confusion this trip caused. I was excited when I heard about the opportunity, but I understand that I pulled it together with little warning, and many otherwise willing parents were unavailable. It seemed worth, the good old college try.*

Meanwhile, we've made great progress binding our main lesson books. The class has clearly mastered this level of bookbinding, and I look forward to adding new bookbinding skills to next year's main lesson bookbinding process.

We are now turning to packing our classroom in earnest. Please send students to class with empty boxes. All sizes accepted. Small boxes are great for heavy stacks of books.

Thank You,

* college try, noun, a sincere effort or attempt at performing a difficult, or seemingly impossible, task.