Site Retirement

  • Posted on: 27 July 2017
  • By: Ron Liskey

"The only constant is change."

-- Heraclitus


Recent changes have impacted my available time and are likely to impact it further in the future. In response, I’m cutting back on side projects and streamlining work flows. This class website is the first obvious casualty, but there will be others.

The new class web site will be built using a static website generator. This simplifies the process and reduces costs.  Look for current Class of 2020 information at my main site:

If this transition is successful, I hope to have more time for the good stuff—travel, research, explorations, experiments, guitar pickin’ and teaching.

What is lost

The new system is not database-driven. An analysis of site usage shows that features requiring a database, such as secure login and access to private content, were rarely used.

Most visitors simply wanted to check the announcements. It also seems most visitors are using mobile gadgets. The new site loads fast and is optimized for mobile viewing.

For a while, I’ll keep this running in case there’s something on it someone needs. Over time I’ll copy important information over to the new site, and then shut this one down.

For the technically curious

The this site is built using Drupal, a feature-rich CMS that served its purpose well. However, it’s time-consuming to administer, requires frequent security updates, uses a relatively expensive server configuration, and is written in PHP, one of the uglier programming languages.

The new website is built with Hugo, a static website generator written in Go. Go is a young language and the jury is still out, but given it’s clean syntax and excellent implementation of current best practices, it may turn out to be an ideal language for general purpose development as well as for learning the art and science of computer programming.