Fourth Grade Curriculum

Around 9-10 years of age, children “cross the Rubicon” from early childhood into the "tween" years. Some call this a time of crisis, but it is also a time of great courage, hope and change.

In Waldorf-inspired schools, a primary goal for the fourth grade is to preserve the best of early childhood while helping students transition into the next phase of development. This is typically done by studying the Norse Myths--sweeping tales of heroism, triumph and loss.

Other important themes of the fourth grade include Local Geography and History, Humans and Animals, Class Play (Drama), and Math (Long Division, Fractions, and Decimals). 

Specialty subjects include Mathematics, Language Arts, Spanish, Music, Rhythm, Handwork, Painting, Drawing, Clay Modeling, and Games (Sports).

Field trips include some combination of Ft. Ross State Park, the Gold Country, the Petaluma River, Tomales Bay, Pt. Reyes, a Miwok Village, and local organic farms and ranches.