Dec 16 Event

I spoke today with Vaunda about our budding plans for Dec 16. She was happy to learn that Marias were involved, and expressed continued interest in the event, even asking if she could bring her children, which I was happy to agree to. I’m hopeful that this can become a powerful, thankful, cathartic, solemn and celebratory event. Although our plans are only beginning, I wonder if we should at least put put out word to reserve the date, so people can clear their calendars. How about if we send out something like the following? Is this too cryptic/crazy? Please edit as needed for general consumption.


Save The Date! Friday Dec 16, 2 - 5 PM

Change is in the wind, magic is afoot, and celebration’s are a’brewing. Clear your calendars on Friday Dec 16 (2 PM to 5 PM) for a unique gathering when we come together to honor all our relations, give thanks, remember our elders, and celebrate our children. Lots more information soon…


Some options for the event (in no particular order):

  • Fifth grade performs an expanded version of our Winter performance
  • We thank those who gave much to our class, including KD and Alena
  • Vaunda and family share stories from their trip to Standing Rock
  • Potluck, with cook stove and a BIG pot of soup or stew
  • Shared meal, pick guitars, and hang out