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Astronomy | Main Lesson Block

We orient our direction on Earth and among the stars. We follow the movements of the stars, moon and sun. On overnight field trips we observe how the stars and moon move across the sky. Taking these observations back into the classroom, we develop an understanding of  the “great circles”, including the horizon, meridian and equator. Our observations of the sky lead us to an understanding of circumpolar constellations and stars. We develop an understanding of the relationship between the earth and sun and, due to the earth’s tilt, the resulting seasons.

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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome | Main Lesson Block

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1. Mineralogy | Main Lesson Block

Mineralogy is a subject of geology specializing in the study of the chemistry, structure, and properties of minerals. Specific studies within mineralogy include the processes of mineral origin and formation, classification of minerals, geographical distribution, and their uses. In this block, the properties and qualities of mineral, including metals, gems and crystals is observed and compared. The characteristics and formation of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock is studied in relation to geography and plant life.

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Geography of the Americas | Main Lesson Block

A study of the North and South American continents and related techtonic plates.

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Geometry | Main Lesson Block

Geometry develops out of the form drawing work done in Grades 1-5. Terminology and use the use of tools is learned. The class works mainly with the circle and its divisions, as well as finding areas and perimeters of other geometrical forms.

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Business Math

Business Mathematics | Main Lesson Block

We review all mathematical work from the previous years in preparation for the more abstract mathematics of Algebra. We study business math, including accounting, simple and compounding interest, percentages, profit and loss, global trade, externalized costs, and the secret to individual financial independence.

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European Middle Ages

European Middle Ages | Main Lesson Block

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Algebra | Main Lesson Block

Basic algebraic thinking as developed by the people of India and Arabia.

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Standardized Testing | Main Lesson Block

During this block we run through a series of standardized tests. Due to the standardized nature of standardized tests, they do not measure much. In general, they accomplish three things:

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Physics | Main Lesson Block

The study of acoustics, optics, static electricity, and magnetism.

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Sports | Specialty Class

Team sports, such as basketball and vollyball.

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English | Specialty Class

We review much of the English grammar and punctuation studied in previous years. Students develop a strong sense for style through the use of conditional sentences and the subjunctive mood. There is much work with composition and dictation in relation to history. Work is done in speech and poetry, and the class memorizes long epic poems.

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Gardening | Specialty Class

Permaculture, Double Digging, Composting, Garden Design, Cobb Construction

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Spanish | Specialty Class

The study of Spanish grammar, Latin American poetry, and reading in Spanish.  

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Handwork | Specialty Class

Create a stuffed animal (designed and sewn by hand) The sixth graders are offered the challenge of making the shape of a three-dimensional animal out of cloth. This develops and requires new abilities, from drawing to imagination of how a three dimensional creation ;can be formed from cloth. They work--perhaps for the first time--from the parts to the whole. This requires careful attention to detail.

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Ethics | Specialty Class

Sixth grade students are fully capable and very ready to confront complex questions of right and wrong. As they enter the turbulent teen years--in which childhood assumptions are challenged and earlier certainties are abandoned--they rightfully demand to be included into humanity's ongoing search for the Good, the Beautiful and the True. Unfortunately, far too few educational settings share the complexities of humanity's long and painful evolution toward universal ethical behavior with students. We will not make this profound mistake.

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Stary Night

Drawing and Painting | Specialty Class

Drawing with colored pencils continues using themes from our main lessons. Value is explored using black, white and grey, and shadow. In painting, much work is done with light and dark in connection to the study of optics. Various color systems, primary, tertiary, complementary, and contrasting colors are explored. Dominant themes include value and contrasts, weather and geology, landscapes and seascapes, moods and tones.

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Woodworking | Specialty Class

Students study the grain of tree growth patterns and the nature of wood. Shave Horses and other practical tools are constructed out of green wood. Draw-knife, gouges and other tools are used to shape a spatula or a spoon Gouges, rasps, knives, scrapers and sandpaper are used to finish the project. Discussions focus on learning to gage thickness, smoothness, shape, and texture, as well as the efficient and safe use of tools. Our boat building tradition continues as we create more advanced versions of last year's Bodega Bay 15.

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Music | Specialty Class

Choral singing. Music theory. Instrumentation with woodwind, soprano and alto recorders, strings, keyboard and percussion.

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