Field Trip Procedures and Guidelines

Field Trip Procedures

Parent Participation

  • Class field trips are selected and planned by the teacher to enrich the students’ experience of a particular aspect of curriculum.
  • Parent assistance is appreciated and necessary to help facilitate field trips. In order to facilitate effective and successful trips, the class teacher may select parent helpers to drive or accompany the class or to help with tasks for the trip. The class teacher is ultimately in charge to oversee the curriculum and activities; the menu and food; the route; and the specific parent helpers needed for the trip.Often a mentor or the administration advises the teacher in regards to selection of parents.Other parents wishing to participate in the field trip may do so only with the teacher’s approval after a timely request has been made.
  • All parents participating on an overnight field trip will be required to attend a pre-trip meeting where rules, routes, activities and expectations are discussed. Parents must be willing to oversee the students and to help with any needed chore or activity from the beginning to the end of the trip. Any “on campus” rules always apply to all off-campus field trips (i.e.: dress code applies, no candy, gum, sodas, student cell phones, etc.). Drugs and alcohol are forbidden for parents and students alike.
  • The teacher will assign students to particular cars, and students are expected to keep to these assignments unless reassigned by the teacher. The teacher will clarify the route, which parents will abide by whether driving independently or in a caravan.
  • Parent volunteers act as assistant teachers/supervisors on field trips. Each volunteer is responsible for a small group of students. We ask parents to participate actively in field trip supervision to help ensure that children are on their best behavior. To accomplish these goals, we ask volunteers to follow these guidelines:

Student Participation

  • Students are eligible to participate on a field trip at the teacher’s discretion. A student may not be allowed to participate in every field trip. A student might not be allowed to participate on a field trip if they have been absent in the preceding week or days, or if the teacher feels that the child’s behavior has been inconsistent and might compromise the field trip experience for themselves and/or other children.
  • Siblings under the age of 18 may not participate on class field trips.

Chaperone and Driver Guidelines

We count on each parent volunteer to make our field trips enriching experiences for students.  Volunteers act as assistant teachers/supervisors on field trips; each volunteer is responsible for a small group of students.  We ask parents to participate actively in field trip supervision to help ensure that the children are on their best behavior.  To accomplish these goals, we ask volunteers to follow these guidelines:

  • If attending an overnight field trip:
    • Ensure that the school has a current Livescan on file for you.
  • If transporting students in your car:
    • Ensure that the school has current auto insurance information for you on file.
    • Ensure that you have a copy of the Field Trip Permission Slip for each student you are transporting.
    • Ensure that your car is ready for the trip.
    • Safety inspect your vehicle to ensure it is ready for the trip.
    • Ensure that all children use their seat belts before driving, and while the vehicle is in motion.
    • Require all children in your vehicle to remain in their seat belts until you give the all clear signal.
    • Do not seat young children in a passenger seat with an active airbag.
    • Obey all traffic regulations.
    • YOU decide if the car radio (or other electronic gadget) is on, and if so what is playing and how loud it can be.
    • Ensure that every child in your vehicle maintains safe behavior at all times. (Unbuckling seat belts while the vehicle is in motion, crawling around inside the vehicle, fighting, yelling, throwing objects, hanging things out the window, etc are not allowed.)
    • Do not allow children to leave your vehicle without your specific permission, and ensure that the area is safe before allowing them to exit.
  • Safety First
    • Children will not keep medication in their possession. If a child is taking medication, all medication along with appropriate information related to the medication, will be held by the class teacher.
    • Know the class safety rules and procedeures.
    • Remember that all children in your group are your responsibility.
    • Keep your assigned group together and on-time.
    • Supervise cleanup if it is required.
    • Check in with the teacher before returning to school.
    • Do not release your car pool at WSCS until the teacher or assistant teacher has returned to school.
  • Model Appropriate Behavior
    • Leave pets and work concerns at home.
    • Be prompt.
    • Be present to the task at hand; avoid unrelated cell phone conversations in front of children.
    • Avoid gossip, or or other inappropriate conversations.
    • Do not bring or buy special treats for your assigned group.
    • Plan to stay for the entire duration of the field trip.

Student Guidelines

  • Always remember:
    • Safety First
    • Do your best
    • Have fun
  • Stay with the teacher or parent volunteer to whom you are assigned, and follow their directions.
  • Be polite.
  • Walk, don’t run.
  • Use respectful language, good manners and indoor voices.
  • Pay close attention to teachers, parents and docents.
  • Do not touch anything that has not been specifically okayed by a member of the staff of the facility
  • Do not purchase anything at snack bars or shops unless okayed by the teacher in advance of the field trip.
  • Keep track of your belongings.