Picture Book: 3. Book Design


Using blank paper and colored pencil, create a rough draft of your book. The mockup should not include every word. Add just enough words to show what part of the story goes on which page. Add rough illustrations (not scribbles) showing where the illustrations will go on each page. Include a front and back cover, and example pages for all the front matter and any back matter.


  1. Divide your story into sections, with one section per page.
  2. Decide on your book's Front Matter and Back Matter. Your book should have a Title Page. You might also want to add a Dedication. Remember that Front Matter always starts on a right hand page.
  3. Bind enough pages together to create a rough draft of your book.
  4. Draw rectangles where the text will go. So that you can see how your story flows through the pages, neatly write the first few words on each page.
  5. Add rough illustrations whenever you will want illustrations to be in your finished book. This drawings should not be too detailed or take too long. At this point, you are just planning how big the illustration should be, and where it belongs on the page.
  6. Add any other page elements, such as borders, page numbers, etc.
  7. Add a Front and Back Cover.

There is a lot to think about in planning a book design. Some questions:

  • What part of the story should be on each page?
  • How big should the pages be?
  • Will each page have one sentence or more?
  • How many pages are needed to tell this story?
  • What kinds of illustrations work best?
  • Which pages need illustrations?
  • What other things should I add, such as page numbers and borders.


Assignment Date: 
Thursday, March 2, 2017