"The only constant is change."

-- Heraclitus


Recent changes have impacted my available time and are likely to impact it further in the future. In response, I’m cutting back on side projects and streamlining work flows. This class website is the first obvious casualty, but there will be others.

Dear Families,

Due to a shortage of chaperones, the fifth grade class will not go to UC Davis this Wednesday.

The ELD students are still going because arrangements for them were made long before.

Thanks to ten families who donated a collected $610 toward our class field trip fund, we are well on our way toward covering the majority of expenses. If all families contributed at this rate, we would have about $1800. Please note that every penny donated goes directly toward your child's field trip.

  • Thank You Linda for contributing your considerable talent to our class play, and for creating unique fund raising opportunities, including childcare during the Auction and a food concession at Woodland Stock.
  • Thank You Tina and Ming for constructing our shields, spending all of Saturday and Sunday helping me build the stage, a Greek Camp, Mount Olympus, and a huge Trojan Horse.
  • Thank You Liz for writing key scenes for the play, gathering staging materials, and putting in uncounted hours creating a magic Apple, an army of helmets, and much more.
  • Thank You Valeria for creating multiple custom costumes.
  • Thank You Mike for helping setup the stage risers.
  • Thank You Marias for covering all the bases with ease, while gently reminding me of everything I had forgotten, or was about to forget.
  • Thank You Everyone for doing such a great job cleaning up after the play.